The Quasar Aircraft Company, LLC

The Quasar Aircraft Company, LLC  was a dream of Frank Porter and it was born with the burning desire to bring an unlimited source of energy and light from the celestial Quasars and deliver its energies to the aircraft industry.

The idea was first to build a Quasar Jet, this will occur at a later date. The FAA opened the door with the all-new “Light Sport Aircraft” and we knew there was a great market for these type of aircraft.

We tapped the energies, wisdom and the vision of Engineer James Waterhouse of the University of San Carlos, Brazil to build one of the finest, safest, and most economical “Light Sport Aircraft” on the market. 

We are currently manufacturing the “Quasar-Lite” LSA in Fort Worth, Texas. Full certification of the Quasar-Lite is expected in 2012.

Potential Dealers are welcome to see if they qualify for a dealership.

          Frank Porter :     

2273 SE 10th St
Pompano Beach, Fl 33062

                                                     Tel: 954-788-6660 
                                                     fax: 954-788-6760 
Quasar-Lite Powerplant information
Quasar-Lite Brochure 
Quasar-Lite Specifications
The Quasar-Baby 


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